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Life-long Chicagoan, but likes to think of herself of as a global citizen. Remains always and forever a optimistic. Supports FC Barcelona & Liverpool FC. Very fond of Borussia Dortmund. Has faith in love & music. Weaknesses may include, breakfast food and handsome brunette bearded men.
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i think i'm just at the point where everything harry does is endearing. messy tattoos, farmer hats, frog face, stupid jokes, weird dandelion hair, ikea monkey coat. i'm in too deep i can't explain my affection for this idiot what has he DONE.
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i just think harry’s great lmao. he’s just doing his own thing and still being sweet and grounded so i can’t hate. i also think he pulls off his questionable fashion decisions but i’ve always been a fan of ppl who wear w/e the fuck they want and have ~out there fashion senses, so i hope he continues and becomes a more cherubic noel fielding in a few years lmao

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You don't like Harry because he gets the most attention or you don't like him just because you don't like him ?
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you obviously don’t follow me otherwise you’d know that i am so far up harry’s ass you can sometimes see my head peeking from behind his uvula when he sings high notes


I’m weak…I’m so fucking weak… w e a k…weak….harry styles made me weak…I use to be a bad bitch…now I get emotional when I see a banana…no one asked for this….I’m weak

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  1. Leave any of my accounts open on my friend’s computer.
  2. Forget that my friend is a troll.

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