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I knew that I had to go see Peter [in Barcelona], the friend that I love and that I missed, to know if this friend, and this friendship, still existed. It was just him and me. And our guitars, the streets, the sun…I was pretty nervous because I did not know what I would find. When a relationship ends, you build an image to protect yourself, you bring to the surface everything you do not like. You do this by pushing aside all the wonderful things that you used to do together. It was terrifying, but all of this has disappeared, has melted, and I have been able to see things as they were, in all their beauty. My dear old friend, and my brother, with whom I grew up with in such an intense way. When you grow up with someone like that, it’s as if we are blood brothers, nothing will ever change that…On my part, there is nothing to forgive I think. I love him so much, he is like a brother, these are unconditional feelings…maybe he thinks he owes me forgiveness for something, but I hope he feels the same way.
Carl Barat, Rock & Folk Magazine, 2014 (x)

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Ah, [my story with Carl] it is has not [ended]…but it will never end. Everyone has someone in their life whom they love, but in some way or another, the relationship was abandoned by one of them, or by both of them. You become strangers and you realize that the person you love most in the world, you do not know them anymore. It is very difficult….Well, it’s not hard to love someone who you do not know, but it is a little absurd, and there are too many absurd things in my life. In my eyes, I set aside something important in The Libertines, left them stuck in limbo, as a great mystery, the mystery of what would happen….We were supposed to be a huge group, that was our goal, our path, that was part of our plan: to break through, to reach as many hearts and souls as possible…We talked late into the night [in Barcelona], and embraced, and reunited in an infinite Arcadian reverie…an Arcadian celebration. Yes, it seems to have existed forever, perfectly. It will exist as long as there is laughter and tears…The meaning may change…but I think, freedom, the luxury of being at liberty, it is slightly different each time, and that is the way it has always been, for everyone. To be united in an emotion is very precarious, it’s not like being united behind a flag, or a particular victory, it is very delicate…
Peter Doherty, Rock & Folk Magazine, 2014 (x)

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'Skint & Minted Cabarets' - Filthy McNasty's, 2002 (x)

No one got it right, no one got it wrong
Live outside your head, live inside a song
Oh love, those long lost weekdays spilling over me
And your outlines are all I can see

Peter, disgusted at the thought of Carl dressed as a waiter, gatecrashed, seized the tray of vol-au-vents Carl was carrying and told him that handing out pastries was beneath him.
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Have you ever been the fool of a prank or joke on April Fool’s Day? x

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The Libertines will never die #thelibertines (à Up The Bracket Alley)

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This is officially my favourite gif set ever

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The Libertines at The Rhythm Factory (23.12.03) Part 5/5




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